Magnifisan It’s Magic

Magnifisan is a well-established food division which is a subsidiary of VKB Agriculture (Pty) Ltd, a well-known agricultural company that has been in the industry for a century. The VKB Group operates four Maize Mills, which are located in Mokopane, Louis Trichardt, Lydenburg and Frankfort. Where it produces its own product under registered brand called Magnifisan. The mill in Mokopane is the oldest running since the late seventies.

Magnifisan Maize Meal is the top selling product within the Limpopo Regions where it started 20years ago. It comes in three different types of maize meal Magnifisan Super Maize Meal, Magnifisan Special Maize Meal and Braai pap. The name Magnifisan is a very new brand to the Mpumalanga, Free State, Gauteng Region and the rest of the country. We are currently supplying wholesalers within Mpumalanga, Free State and Gauteng. Magnifisan products can be found in all NTK stores, VKB foods, VKB Mills and most Wholesalers and Retailers within Limpopo.

Magnifisan believes that every South African has the right to great quality foods products and we believe in locally produced products, creating local employment within our 4 Mills and 15 Depots.

Magnifisan is part of the VKB group